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Learn How Canada's North Can Build and Strengthen More Sustainable, Resilient Communities Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 10th May 2023

Canada's northern communities face various regional development and progress challenges that the government must discuss and address. One of these ongoing problems is the sustainability and resiliency of the country's northern region, which requires solid and targeted solutions.

Read on and learn how Canada's North can build and strengthen the communities despite their pressing challenges. 

Here are five things that Canada can do to develop and enhance the northern districts.

1. Invest in Renewable Energies

YukonNorthwest Territories, and Nunavut comprised the sparsely populated region. Due to their geographical location, these communities mainly deal with extreme weather conditions, which heavily affect their limited infrastructure and economy. However, the region is rich in resources, including renewable energy. The area can incorporate these resources into its climate change plans to create more sustainable and resilient communities.

Investing in these renewable energies will open more economic opportunities as it will reduce their reliance on diesel fuel which can lead to significant energy cost savings boosting the North territories' economy through increasing disposable income and promoting local spending.

2. Build a Better Transportation Network

Improved infrastructures, networks, and systems facilitate the movement of goods and services, making it easier for business owners, suppliers, and manufacturers to transport their goods and products to consumers.

An improved transportation structure will also encourage sustainable transportation options. The community will benefit from its bike lanes, vehicle charging stations and another sustainable transportation system promoting a more environment-friendly way of living. This mitigation strategy for climate change can help the North communities to be more sustainable and resilient.

In addition, the improved transportation network and commercial infrastructures also help improve the emergency response time, which is very important, especially during natural disasters, accidents, and other emergencies.

3. Support Local Economies

There are several climate adaptation strategy examples. Canada's support to communities in the North that rely heavily on oil, gas, mining, forestry, and fishing is one of the best strategies the government can employ. Supporting these natural resource industries will help create new economic opportunities for the North communities while strictly preserving the region's natural environment. It will help the region's local economy increase the job creation rate and revenue, which will help sustain the community and stabilize its economy through thriving profit-generating businesses.

4. Expand Educational Opportunities

Expanding educational opportunities helps the residents to acquire more knowledge and skills that will help them get a better-paying job or build a business empire that can heavily contribute to Canada's northern communities' economic development.

In addition, education and training can also help an individual's critical thinking skills, which is essential for addressing critical issues and community challenges and developing innovative solutions. A knowledgeable, skillful, and competent individual can help turn these challenges into opportunities.

5. Support Traditional Knowledge

The indigenous people's knowledge and practices have been taught and passed down to the new. These skills and practices are vital in moulding the region's community. By supporting traditional knowledge, people will have a better understanding of local ecosystems and the practices that they use. Knowing all these will help create a sustainable environment management practice beneficial to the northern communities.

Disaster risk management is another factor that the community needs to consider, as it promotes resilience in emergency management. Employing traditional techniques for disaster preparedness, such as community-based evacuation plans, can help make an effective method to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Final Thoughts

Building sustainable and resilient communities in Canada's North requires employing different techniques, technologies, and strategies to help the communities overcome unique and harsh challenges and build a brighter future.

Incorporating all these strategies in the construction industry and creating commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings will also strengthen the communities' stance in building a sustainable and resilient region. Utilizing advanced technologies and products such as fire-rated roof hatchesskylights, LEED-certified access panels, and other sustainable infrastructure will also help create a sustainable. However, you must only transact business with established and reliable suppliers to ensure the products' quality.

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