Architectural 1/8” Pan Floor Door – Double Leaf

Add a touch of elegance to your applications with the BAC-BFDRPA Architectural 1/8” Pan Floor Door – Double Leaf, a sophisticated solution that seamlessly integrates into your architectural design while delivering exceptional strength and durability.

Elevate your access experience with this premium floor door, designed to withstand a remarkable load capacity of 300 pounds per square foot.

Discover the perfect balance of style and substance with the BAC-BFDRPA-DL by Best Access Doors, ideal for;

  • Residential Spaces: Perfect for upscale homes where architectural aesthetics and strength are equally important.
  • Commercial Environments: Ideal for commercial buildings seeking a stylish and robust access solution.
  • Institutional Settings: Suited for institutions that demand a blend of architectural finesse and heavy-duty performance.
  • High-End Retail: Enhance the accessibility of premium retail spaces with this architecturally refined floor door.


  • Architectural sophistication, designed with a sleek profile, offering a seamless integration with your architectural vision.
  • High Load Capacity, engineered for heavy-duty applications, boasting an impressive load capacity of 300psf.
  • Extra clearance with double-leaf construction
  • 1/8” pan construction that strikes the ideal balance between structural strength and a subtle, low-profile appearance.
  • Smooth operation, crafted for precision and ease of use, ensuring a smooth and reliable access experience.
  • Secure locking system, that features a reliable locking mechanism for enhanced security.

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