Invisa Hatch Drywall Inlay with Mud in Flange
Achieve discreet and precise access to non-rated walls with the BAC-IVHDF Invisa Hatch Drywall Inlay with Mud in Flange from Best Access Doors. This access panel not only offers quick and effortless access to utilities through its push-to-latch mechanism but also ensures an impeccable finish that goes nearly unnoticed.

The BAC-IVHDF serves as an excellent addition for both yet-to-be-installed drywall and existing fire-rated drywall structures. It features exposed perforated flanges, allowing you to seamlessly tape and mud over exposed joints or drywall for a polished look.

This model is an ideal choice for inclusion in non-rated walls, featuring a featherlight aluminum design that makes installation a breeze. With its removable panel door, it provides comfortable access in applications where space is limited or when a more extensive inspection point is needed.

Take a Closer Look at BAC-IVHDF

  • Lightweight, durable, high-grade aluminum construction
  • Suitable for 5/8” gypsum drywall inlay panels
  • Convenient mud-in flanges for precision installations
  • Easily detachable and replaceable panel door
  • Hidden hinge, latch-free design for a flush finish
  • Easy access provided by concealed push-to-latch mechanism with alternate lock options

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