Acoustical Double-Leaf Smoke Vent   

The BAC-ACDSV is an acoustical double-leaf smoke vent designed to reduce fire spread, ventilate smoke, and minimize external sound intrusion. It has a double-leaf door mechanism and an automated unlatching mechanism that activates the responsive doors in an emergency.  

The BAC-ACDSV is built for streamlined installations, is soundproof, has a durable construction, and a stylish finish. It is ideal for use in auditoriums, concert halls, and theaters and has an OITC of -46 and an STC rating of -50, ensuring superior sound control against outside noises. The BAC-ACDSV maintains the highest UL standard, with a Class A rating, and is weatherproof, reducing potential internal corrosion. Fortify your commercial, industrial, and multi-family dwellings with the installation of BAC-ACDSV today!   
Get to Know BAC-ACDSV 

  • Expanded clearance with double leaf design  
  • Automatic unlatching mechanism with melting fusible link, in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC 910.3.) 
  • Streamlined installations with mounting flange with pre-drilled holes  
  • Ideal for venues where sound transmission must be minimized  
  • Highly durable, anti-corrosive steel construction 
  • Stylish, contemporary alkyd red oxide primer finish  

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