Floor Door for H20 Loading - Double Leaf  

Upgrade your workplace to handle H20-44-wheel loads with ease using BAC-FD-H20-DL Floor Door for H20 Loading - Double Leaf. This durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum floor hatch is designed by Best Access Doors to withstand heavy traffic and meet AASHTO standards for off-street locations.   

With a flush handle and latch, hold-open arms to lock its door in place, and double leaf design, BAC-FD-H20-DL is a necessary addition to workplaces where convenience and hassle-free access are required.   

Perfect for loading decks, manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, ports, and container yards, the BAC-FD-H20-DL ensures secure access while withstanding heavy loads.   

This model also boasts a 1"" channel frame extrusion to efficiently dispose of water, grime, and debris that may contaminate workspaces below ground.   

Get to Know BAC-FD-H20-DL  

  • AASHTO compliant and suitable for H20-44 loads (16,000 lbs. wheel load with 30% added for impact)    
  • Double-leaf design for more room to work in, transport tools, materials, or equipment   
  • Durable, anti-corrosive, and low-maintenance aluminum construction    
  • Tamperproof hinges, assisted by holding open arms to open and lock the door at 90 degrees    
  • Standard aluminum flush drop handle with stainless steel slam lock    
  • ¼"" diamond plating for enhanced workplace safety to ensure better footing   

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