Gas Tight Floor Hatch    

Access Doors and Panels is proud to introduce BAC-GTFD Gas Tight Floor Hatch from Best Access Doors, a valuable addition to enhance the functionality and safety of your building's utility access points. This floor hatch offers several advantages, including exceptional odor resistance. Thanks to its 9/16"" O.D. x 1/8"" I.D. EPDM gaskets and flush-to-frame design effectively keep unwanted odors at bay, making it ideal for treatment facilities and laboratories.    

With a user-friendly 90-degree door extension feature, the BAC-GTFD ensures convenient and safe access. Its red vinyl-gripped hold-open arms securely lock the cover door at a 90-degree angle. Safety is further enhanced by the anti-slip cover, which minimizes the risk of slips, creating a safer work environment in various conditions. The BAC-GTFD's anti-corrosive structure, built from lightweight aluminum, resists water, vapors, and corrosion, ensuring durability.   

Despite its lightweight design, BAC-GTFD can handle a substantial live load of up to 1560 pounds per square foot, equivalent to a remarkable bearing capacity of 25 feet of water over 10 minutes (downward pressure only). Installation is seamless, with our aluminum floor panel designed for a flush fit, minimizing potential snags and tripping hazards.   

Get to Know BAC-GTFD!   

  • Enhanced odor resistance provided by O.D. and I.D. EPDM gaskets and a flush-to-frame door   
  • Superior corrosion resistance is provided by an aluminum frame and door   
  • Anti-slip cover provided by treaded plating    
  • Convenient, user-friendly design provided by red vinyl hold-open arms    
  • Lightweight aluminum structure, designed for easy installations  

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