Security Roof Hatch – Steel 
Tired of flimsy, unreliable roof hatches? Meet the BAC-S-20C Security Roof Hatch – Steel. This model meets the standard for construction professionals who demand top-notch reliability and security on the job.  

If you're serious about secure and reliable rooftop access for your construction projects, fortify your structures with the BAC-S-20C Security Roof Hatch. It's the ultimate choice for construction professionals who demand the best. Get yours today and experience the difference! 

Benefit From Highly Secure, Reliable Access Today 

  • 3-½"" mounting flange for easy fittings and installations        
  • Aesthetic and durable heavy-gauge steel construction    
  • Compression-assisted lifts for one-handed operation    
  • Automatic hold-open arms for one-handed operation      
  • 1"" thick fiberboard and fiberglass insulation for added insulation        
  • Weathertight construction with EPDM gaskets         
  • Structural reinforcement with 40psf bearing cover     
  • Telescoping springs ensure an opening with wind or load forces of up to 10psf      
  • Ideal atop elevator shafts, schools, recreational facilities, and similar buildings    

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