When it comes to providing innovative products and economical solutions, Best Access Doors is ahead of the game. The BAC-IG-C is an ingenious premium flush-mounted vent and grille cover designed for ½” thick drywall on low and high wall installation.

Manufactured with a triple fiber reinforced cement board, the BAC-IG-C features 20 degree angled vent slots for directional venting and a machine outer edge allowing screws, tape, and drywall compound. It is easy to install, fire-rated, impact, water, mold, and mildew resistant.

Product specification:

Size: 30"W x 6"H
Overall dimensions: ½" x 32" x 10"
Material: Triple fiber reinforced cement board
Slot size: .32" x 5.915"
Total slots: 36

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  • 14" x 8" Invisagrille Flush Permanent Cold Air Return Cover

    $92.54 $66.10

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