Fire-Rated Crawl Space Access Door

Presenting the BAC-DWF Fire-Rated Crawl Space Access Door – a sleek and functional solution for efficient access to crawl spaces, storage rooms, and enclosed stairwells.

Crafted with precision from environmentally friendly, pest-resistant high-density pinewood, this L-shaped door offers a modern aesthetic and hassle-free maintenance.
Choose the BAC-DWF Fire-Rated Crawl Space Access Door for a sophisticated blend of style and functionality, ensuring efficient access with enhanced safety features. Upgrade your construction standards with Best Access Doors.

Include the BAC-DWF In:

  • Commercial Construction Projects: Tailored for the rigorous demands of commercial settings, the BAC-DWF series is ideal for various applications, including secure storage areas, utility spaces, or as a discreet access point in offices and retail environments.
  • Emergency Exit Routes: The fire-rated feature makes the BAC-DWF series suitable for integration into emergency exit routes, providing both fire safety and efficient access in critical situations.
  • Architectural Integration: The sleek design of the BAC-DWF series allows for seamless integration into various architectural styles, enhancing the overall aesthetics of commercial spaces.
  • Secure Utility Spaces: Ideal for providing access to secure storage spaces or utility areas within a commercial building, ensuring both functionality and security.

Take a Closer Look at BAC-BAC-DWF:

Fire-Rated Access: BAC-DWF's 2.5" thick mineral wool insulation provides 45 minutes of fire resistance, surpassing typical fiberglass insulation.

Pest and Rodent Resistant: The high-density pinewood fiberboard construction deters termites, rodents, and pests, ensuring the longevity of your access door.

Multi-Directional Applications: This L-shaped door seamlessly integrates into vertical walls and allows multi-directional openings for versatile applications.

Aesthetic Enhancements: With a wood panel trim and a white door leaf, the knee-high crawl space access door adds an aesthetic touch to both vintage and contemporary buildings.

Simple, Streamlined Installations: Hassle-free installations make BAC-DWF suitable for beginners and expert craftsmen alike.

At Best Access Doors, we are committed to our customer's satisfaction! Simply choose your size, and if you have general product questions, custom requests, or would like to make a large order, count on our world-class product specialists to guide you through every step!

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