Flood Tight Floor Hatch 

Upgrade your building's access points with the BAC-FTFD Flood Tight Floor Hatch from Best Access Doors! This top-quality floor door provides safe and secure access to mechanical equipment, electrical systems, crawl spaces, and plumbing or HVAC components. It's easy to install in commercial, residential, and industrial settings, with anchors that allow you to cast it in concrete and other surfaces. 

This flood-tight floor door has a panel that fits snugly into its frame and a thick EPDM gasket that keeps vapors, gas, fumes, and odors below ground. Best Access Doors designed BAC-FTFD to sit flush, ensuring a smooth floor surface that minimizes potential snags and trips. 

The BAC-FTFD features diamond plating for extra grip and can handle a live load of up to 1560 pounds per square foot, even with heavy traffic. Its red vinyl grip allows a full 90-degree opening, and it has an automatic hold-open arm for maximum convenience! 

Why Choose BAC-FTFD?  

  • Keeps odors below ground with EPDM gaskets, with a flush-to-frame door   
  • Lightweight, anti-corrosive aluminum design for maximum value  
  • Diamond plated, anti-slip cover for secure footing  
  • Load bearing cover for up to 1560 pounds (equivalent to 25 feet of water over a 10-minute period; downward pressure only)  
  • User-friendly operation with automatic, hold-open arms that lock door at 90 degrees  

At Best Access Doors, we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your value. Read our reviews to find out more about our commitment to your satisfaction!           

Connect with us at 1-800-483-0823 for general inquiries, custom and large orders, or more detailed product information; we would love to help!      


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