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Best Sellers

Having the right materials for any construction project is essential. At Best Access Doors Canada, we offer high-quality access doors and panels in various sizes and styles with different features and functions to suit your building requirements. If you're not sure which product is best, our Best Sellers collection is a great place to start since it features many of our customers' favourites!

Our best selling access doors include fire-rated insulated and uninsulated access doors that are ideal for buildings that need fire protection. We also have flush plastic access doors that use high-impact styrene plastic for durability and lightness. For apartments, condominiums, and office buildings, most of our customers install our universal economy access doors. Meanwhile, having access panels with flange promotes easy flush installation for any surface. All of these professionally constructed products adhere to Best Access Doors Canada quality standards and have our customers' approval - that's why they're our Best Sellers!

Once you find the right access door for your project, place your order, and we will send your product right to your job site!

Most Popular Products

12" x 12 Fire-Rated Uninsulated Access Door with Flange

$146.92 $127.22

12" x 12 Fire-Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange

$143.46 $130.94

12" x 12" Flush Plastic Access Door


24" x 24 Fire-Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange

$236.43 $210.68

4" x 6" Flush Plastic Access Door

$12.29 $10.68

12" x 12" General Purpose Access Door with Flange

$39.72 $27.98

8" x 8 Fire-Rated Uninsulated Access Door with Flange

$142.20 $109.92

8" x 8" Universal Flush Economy Access Door with Flange

$19.35 $16.12

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