Exterior Access Door with a Plaster Bead Flange

Searching for a reliable and durable external access door that will stand the test of time? Best Access Doors introduces BAC-BXP Exterior Access Door with a Plaster Bead Flange from Best Access Doors, designed to make accessing exterior areas a breeze. Whether you're working on walls or ceilings, this access door is built to last with a combination of strong steel and lightweight, corrosion-resistant mill-finished aluminum, making it perfect for outdoor use. 

The BAC-BXP features a 1" exposed plaster bead flange, simplifying installation and ensuring a clean and polished look. With 1.6" PIR insulation, it offers an impressive R-value of 11, providing extra thermal resistance for improved energy efficiency. This model is rigorously tested to meet ASTM E 283 and E 331-00 standards for water and air penetration, offering top-notch protection against the elements. BAC-BXP maintains a highly polished finish with plaster bead flanges for a finish you won't be able to take your eyes off.

Why Choose BAC-BXP

  • Clean, polished finish nearly guaranteed with plaster bead flanges  
  • Easy, reliable access with multiple lock or latch options and a continuous piano hinge  
  • Weatherproof design with EPDM gaskets continuously adhered to its inner panel  
  • Enhanced thermal performance with 1.6" PIR insulation filled cover and an R-value of 11  
  • Exceptional durability with steel and aluminum construction 

At Best Access Doors, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Simply choose the size that suits your needs!

If you have a custom request or any questions, you can reach us at (800)-483-0823 to connect with our world-class sales staff! 


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