Universal Access Panel in Stainless Steel

If you seek a versatile, easily adaptable solution for non-rated wall systems, BAC-UAP-SS Universal Access Panel in Stainless Steel is for you. This highly versatile solution finds its place in a variety of applications within non-rated masonry and gypsum drywall structures. As a hinged access door, BAC-UAP-SS offers remarkable flexibility, serving as a ceiling or wall panel cover to conceal unsightly exposed utilities, with the benefit of polished and ultra-hygienic #304 steel.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the BAC-UAP-SS provides straightforward access to internal components and boasts a modern design that seamlessly integrates with your décor. All while exhibiting exceptional resistance to corrosion, germs and bacteria, and general wear and tear. With such exceptional proprieties, BAC-UAP-SS is ideally suited for labs, processing plants, hospitals and similar sanitized environments.  

Experience Incredible Versatility with BAC-UAP-SS 

  • Simple installations with 1" exposed flange  
  • Highly durable, robust, and aesthetic stainless-steel construction  
  • Anti-bacterial; ideal for germ-free environments 
  • Moisture and corrosion-resistant  
  • Highly aesthetic flush-to-frame design

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