Surface Mounted Drywall Panel 

BAC-SMD Surface Mounted Drywall Panel by Best Access Doors is a valuable addition for professionals seeking efficient and polished job sites while adhering to tight schedules. 

These surface-mounted access panels offer a quick solution to elevate exposed masonry or drywall non-rated structures into sharp, clean, and professional finishes in a matter of minutes. 

Designed for both retrofit and newly constructed drywall and masonry structures, the BAC-SMD stands out as a universal access door, catering to a wide range of non-rated applications. 


What Makes BAC-SMD the Right Choice?  

  • Universal non-rated applications  
  • Suitable for walls and ceilings  
  • Durable anti-corrosive steel  
  • Installs in masonry and gypsum drywall  
  • Hassle-free installations in minutes with surface mount

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