Among Best Access Doors Canada’s aesthetic access panels, our recessed units are preferred by builders and designers for commercial spaces. This particular door type is ideal when requiring concealing of the door panel consistent with the surrounding.

Choose between Best Access Doors Canada’s recessed LEED access panels with tapable flange and without flange. For unique installation requirements, our doors are made available in different recesses: ⅝”, ½”, and ¾”.

The BA-AHA’s standard 5/8” recessed panel will accept ceramic tile, drywall panels, acoustical tiles or other materials to match the surface finish on which it is installed. It features 16 gauge cold rolled steel with a continuous piano type hinge. The DuPont high quality white powder coat finish allows you to paint the door with the color similar to the surrounding material.

Meanwhile, the AHA-GYP is recessed by 5/8” to accept drywall and the flange, constructed of corner bead. It is made to be covered with drywall compound. Our recessed door with flange is designed to blend in and match the surface finish on which it is installed. This panel can be equipped with either a hex head cam latch or key operated cylinder cam latch.

One of the great benefits of using our recessed LEED access doors is that it can help you achieve LEED certification when working with building projects such as new construction and major renovations, schools, and commercial interiors. 

For further questions and inquiries regarding our quality products at Best Access Doors Canada, feel free to reach us anytime at 1-800-483-0823. Order today!

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