Floor Hatch Cast in Place 300lb/sq.ft.   

Fed up with leaks, draft airflow, dust, and debris penetrating your below-ground workspaces? Why not eliminate the hassles by including BAC-FFD Floor Hatch Cast in Place 300lb/sq.ft by Best Access Doors?     

Constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminum, the BAC-FFD is ideal for applications where vapor, moisture, liquid, and elemental exposure are a concern. Its channel-frame design includes a 1-½"" drainage coupling system, minimizing the risk of water transmission. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this aluminum maximizes utility and value with the highest standard of corrosion resistance.     

With integral anchor flanges, the BAC-FFD can be cast into concrete, drywall, and masonry structures, making it an essential addition to water treatment facilities, pools, aquatic centers, and industrial facilities.    

Why Choose BAC-FFD  

  • Highly durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum construction for maximum protection against water, vapors, and liquids    
  • 1-½"" drainage coupling mechanism to minimize the transmission of liquids    
  • Intral anchor flanges included to cast into concrete    
  • Optimal for interior and exterior applications for maximum utility    
  • Enhanced safety features such as ¼"" diamond plating on door leaves for an anti-slip surface   
  • Tamper-proof stainless-steel hinges for added protection   
  • Red vinyl grip hold-open arms allowing an opening of up to 90 degrees     

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