Removable Floor Hatch Recessed 1"" for Ceramic Tile   

For a discreet and reliable solution for underground access, choose the BAC-RRFD-C1 Removable Floor Hatch Recessed 1"" for Ceramic Tile by Best Access Doors. BAC-RRFD-C1 is a perfect fit for commercial buildings, retail stores, hotels, educational facilities, and similar venues where a versatile access solution is required.  

BAC-RRFD-C1 seamlessly blends with your decor, allowing for carpet or vinyl tile inserts, leaving an architecturally pleasing finish just 1"" below the surface.    

With a removable cover, BB-RRFD-C1 offers a wider field of view for operators to conduct more thorough and efficient inspections. To sweeten the deal, it boasts a removable cover, simplifying detailed inspections of underground utilities. With its angled frame, the BAC-RRFD-C1 looks great and offers improved load-bearing capabilities, making installation and access hassle-free and convenient.     

Get to Know BAC-RRFD-C1   

  • Angled frame to maintain structural integrity while handling stress impacts with ease   
  • Space-saving removable cover; ideal for a wider field of view where space is limited    
  • Cover recessed to 1” to readily accept carpet and vinyl inserts for the perfect blend  
  • Anti-corrosive aluminum frame and cover for minimal maintenance and upkeep   
  • Load bearing cover, optimized to support a live load of up to 150 pounds per square foot    

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