Fire-Rated Insulated Panel Upward Opening

Experience the convenience of the BAC-FRU Fire-Rated Insulated Panel Upward Opening by Best Access Doors. These upward-opening access panels are designed for ceilings, offering a space-saving solution that's both practical and durable. 

The innovative BAC-FRU access door is equipped with a continuous piano hinge, allowing it to extend more than standard hinges. This feature is convenient in cramped spaces where downward-opening doors are impractical. 

Designed for ceilings, the BAC-FRU access panel is thermally insulated with 2" thick mineral wool, enhancing energy efficiency. 

Experience Space-Saving Access with BAC-FRU 

  • Self-latching in accordance with NFPA 80 standards
  • Anti-corrosive, exceptionally durable cold rolled and galvanneal steel construction
  • Space-saving upward opening design, in compliance with code (where applicable)
  • 2-hour fire-rating
  • Suitable for ceilings
  • Enhanced thermal resistance with 2" mineral wool insulation
  • Sustainably sourced, contributing to LEED v4 credits

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