Ensuring safe entry to your building's roof is essential to prevent roofing contractors and other maintenance personnel from getting injured. It's the reason most commercial building owners install the BAC-USB. It's also one of the most effective methods of protecting everyone from falling when they're accessing the roof. 

Easy Up and Down Safety Bar Movement: When opening or closing the roof hatch, the bright yellow safety bar moves upward and downward with ease because of the heavy-duty, hinged steel mechanism. Any contractor can achieve a safe and straightforward lift-and-lock of the safety bar.

No Need for Ladder Rungs: The Upright Safety Bar doesn't need ladder rungs. The design of the safety bar provides a convenient way of entering or exiting the roof hatch without limiting the opening or footing on the ladder's top rungs. 

No Play or Movement When Using: The yellow safety bar locks in place when lifting it up or down to prevent it from moving and keep the person safe from falling. 

Don't forget to install the Upright Safety Bar - Factory Installed to provide more safety when your roofing contractors do roof maintenance or repairs. Give Best Access Doors Canada a call at 1-800-483-0823 for your purchase now.


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