Box Extension

Explore new horizons in attic access with the BAC-LXN-B Box Extension—an expertly crafted accessory designed to elevate and expand the functionality of your attic ladder system. Carved from durable pine wood, this extension serves as the missing link, unlocking the full potential of your attic ladder experience.

The BAC-LXN-B 22.5” x 31” Box Extension from Best Access Doors is your key to transforming and optimizing your attic ladder setup. Elevate your attic access experience with precision and style.

Purposeful Design for Seamless Integration: The BAC-LXN-B Box Extension is precision-engineered to amplify the dimensions of your attic ladder's box, delivering a crucial upgrade to your installation process.

At a standard height of 4", this extension seamlessly integrates into the ladder's structure, ensuring a cohesive and polished finish within your ceiling opening.

Why Choose the BAC-LXN-B Box Extension?

Enhanced Aesthetics: Elevate the visual appeal of your attic ladder's frame, achieving a sophisticated and polished look within your ceiling.

Versatility in Usage: Enjoy flexibility in your construction projects, as this extension seamlessly integrates with various attic ladder models.

Seamless Integration: Meticulously designed to blend seamlessly into your attic ladder's structure, providing a cohesive and integrated appearance.

Precision Fit: Customized to fit your specific attic ladder model and size, ensuring a snug and secure installation.

At Best Access Doors, we are committed to our customer's satisfaction! Simply choose your size, and if you have general product questions, custom requests, or would like to make a large order, count on our world-class product specialists to guide you through every step!

Connect with us at your convenience at (800)-483-0823; we would love to help!


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