Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement   

Do you want to achieve professional-level results without the hassles of complicated schematics? BAC-GFRC-S Glass Fiber Reinforced Square Corner by Best Access Doors provides a featherlight, convenient, and user-friendly solution to access utilities. This access panel is perfect for areas that require discreet and frequent access, ensuring easy entry to utilities without bulky protrusions.    

Crafted for lightweight convenience, the BAC-GFRC-S seamlessly integrates into walls and ceilings, offering responsive access with spring loaded hinges. Its durability is unmatched, resisting mold, corrosion, sagging, and shrinkage.   

Whether it's retrofitting, renovation, or new installations, our BAC-GFRC-S is your versatile choice. Deep tapered edges and a removable radius corner panel add an aesthetic touch to your space. It meets ASTM standards E1264-08 and E84-80 as a Class A, assuring top-notch quality in non-rated assemblies.     

Take a Closer Look at BAC-GFRC-S    

  • Easily installed lightweight design for labour-friendly installations in walls and ceilings  
  • Strong, durable construction, perfect for exterior cladding, wall panels, columns, and façade systems 
  • Hinge-free design is ideal for spaces where an out-swinging, hinged alternative is impossible    
  • Textured, paintable surface that blends perfectly with gypsum drywall, with further adaptability with décor 
  • Modern, architecturally pleasing design with deeper tapered edges, and square-edged corners   
  • Suited for a range of elemental conditions with corrosion, sag, crack, and shrink resistance   
  • Crafted of 70% post-consumer recycled glass for a sustainably sourced, LEED-certified solution    

At Best Access Doors, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest commitment to our customer's satisfaction. Simply choose the size that suits your needs!        

If you have a custom request or any questions, you can reach us at 1-800-483-0823 to connect with our world-class sales staff!


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