Aluminum Recessed 1/2" Panel with Hidden Flange 

Access Doors and Panels proudly stocks BAC-ALR-12Aluminum Recessed 5/8" Panel with Hidden Flange, a versatile solution for your industrial, commercial, and residential projects. This unique access panel is designed by Best Access Doors to be discreet, offering a smooth and unobstructed surface without handles or hatches, making it perfect for concealed access needs. 

BAC-ALR-12is easy to operate and install, making it an excellent choice for professionals in the electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing fields. Its lightweight aluminum construction is convenient for handling and ceiling applications throughout your projects. 

This access panel is incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of non-rated interior walls and ceiling applications. It features concealed free pivot hinges, allowing for a removable panel door and unimpeded full-view access when needed. 

The mill-finished aluminum of the BAC-ALR-12 seamlessly blends with ducts, machinery, and vents in commercial and industrial settings. 

Experience Easy Access with BAC-ALR-12 

  • Lightweight, user-friendly, aluminum design  
  • Push-to-latch access for tool and key free opening and closing  
  • Removable access panel for a wider field of view; ideal for areas with limited space  
  • Gaskets adhered to limit the permeation of smoke, the elements, and draft airflow  
  • Recessed panel to a depth of 1/2" for drywall inserts  
  • Mill-finished aluminum to blend with industrial settings, ducts, and machinery.  
  • Suitable for walls and ceilings

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