Exterior Plaster Façade Access Panel – Removable

Looking for a reliable and inconspicuous way to access exterior maintenance spaces or building services? Look no further than Best Access Doors' BAC-MPLV Plaster Exterior Façade Access Panel – Removable! This lightweight and corrosion-resistant access door is designed for external applications, featuring a Hardie board insert that offers exceptional durability and resistance to pests.

BAC-MPLV's sturdy welded construction ensures structural integrity, long-lasting durability, and excellent load-bearing capacity, all while keeping maintenance needs to a minimum. 

What sets BAC-MPLV apart? Its brush joint integration makes it airtight and dust-resistant, making it the perfect choice for external use. The benefits don't end there – BAC-MPLV boasts a corrosion-resistant aluminum composition that can withstand the harshest elements. Its durable welded frame can handle impacts and stress without frequent maintenance hassles. 

Get to Know BAC-MPLV 

  • Highly durable, welded aluminum structure
  • Built for external use with Hardie Board insert, with brush joint to eliminate dust, debris, liquids, and the elements 
  • Multiple lock and latch options 
  • Flush, concealed finish; the ideal blend for external facades 

At Best Access Doors, we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your value. Read our reviews to find out more about our commitment to your satisfaction!

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