Fire-Rated Wooden Attic Ladder
Introducing the BAC-LWF Fire-Rated Wooden Attic Ladder from Best Access Doors Canada, a meticulously designed solution that not only provides access but also serves as a protective barrier in the event of fire emergencies.

Please note that while fire-rated products don't prevent fires, they can aid in slowing the spread of flames and smoke for a specified period.

Key Features Ensuring Safety and Accessibility:

  • Fire-Resistance Capability: The BAC-LWF isn't just an access point; it functions as a guardian against fire hazards. Rated for 43 minutes per ASTM E119 and 30 minutes per NFPA 288, this ladder acts as a fire block, offering crucial protection in critical moments.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted with sturdy pinewood and fortified with a fire-resistant white hatch and plastic stile ends, this ladder guarantees both durability and fire-proofing capabilities.
  • Thermal Insulation: BAC-LWF's sandwich-type hatch with a 3 1/8" thickness ensures optimal thermal insulation. Safety is prioritized with non-slip steps and a handrail.
  • Versatile Customization: Explore the potential of installing additional accessories to tailor the ladder to specific project requirements. Accessories such as the ladder balustrade, metal handrail, installation brackets, wooden or PVC trims, and box extensions enhance functionality and adaptability. Consult our product experts for compatible options.

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