Floor hatches provide multiple flooring benefits in commercial areas such as maximizing storage, functionality, and flexibility. During building inspections or maintenance, a floor hatch can provide service personnel walk-through access to vents, wires, and plumbing. Today, you can get your supply of caliber floor access panels at Best Access Doors Canada. Select from flush aluminum floor hatch, recessed aluminum floor hatch, removable floor hatch, H2O loading, channel frame-watertight, fire rated floor hatch, flood tight, and gas tight, available in standard as well as custom sizes.

For interior and exterior applications requiring an access opening that will blend in with the surrounding floor material, you should use the removable floor door - 1” recess for ceramic tile/ concrete. BA-FT 8080 features an aluminum material and a mill finish. The securing screws are located in the flange of the mounting frame to keep the door material from cracking or chipping within the door panel. This product has a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Best Access Doors Canada also offers a removable flush floor door that has a flush diamond plate door panel removable via screws. This door is ideal for interior applications where water tightness is not required. It is reinforced for the live load of 150 pounds/per sq. ft.

When looking for a floor hatch door, always choose to get your supply from us. Our products are ideal for your commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Buy now!

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