Thermally Broken Automatic Smoke Vent – Aluminum     

Introducing the BAC-S-50SVTB Thermally Broken Automatic Smoke Vent – Aluminum from Best Access Doors. This advanced solution enhances protection and insulation efficiency by reducing heat transfer. With a sturdy aluminum build, the BAC-S-50SVTB sets a high standard for defense, providing vital ventilation and suppression during potential fires. 

Key to its operation is an intelligent, UL-listed fusible link, activating the spring-powered cover swiftly for essential ventilation. Reliable compression springs counter wind forces and up to 10 psf loads, ensuring efficient performance. Concealed PIR insulation reduces energy consumption, positively impacting operational costs. 

Take a Closer Look at BAC-S-50VTB  

  • 3-½"" mounting flange for easy fittings and installations        
  • Class A UL 790 rating, providing the highest standard of rooftop fire resistance       
  • UL-listed fusible link for automated venting during fires    
  • Aesthetic and durable heavy-gauge aluminum construction    
  • Compression-assisted lifts for one-handed operation        
  • 1"" thick fiberboard and fiberglass insulation for added insulation        
  • Weathertight construction with EPDM gaskets         
  • Structural reinforcement with 40psf bearing cover     
  • Telescoping springs ensure an opening with wind or load forces of up to 10psf      
  • Ideal atop elevator shafts, schools, recreational facilities, and similar buildings    

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