Non-Drainable H20 Loading Floor Door – Single Leaf

Meet BAC-BFDNHA-SL, a specialized solution designed to meet the unique needs of spaces requiring water-tight access points. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this non-drainable floor door ensures reliable performance in challenging environments, with the added convenience of a H20 load rating.

Upgrade your access solutions with the BAC-BFDNHA-SL, perfect for;

  • Basements and Subterranean Spaces: Ideal for creating secure access points in areas prone to water accumulation.
  • Utility Rooms: Ensures reliable access to essential utilities while preventing water damage.
  • Flood-Prone Areas: Provides a water-tight barrier against flooding, maintaining the integrity of the space.
  • Water Treatment Facilities: Perfect for spaces where water resistance is paramount to protect sensitive equipment.
  • Loading Docks: This non-drainable floor door is ideal for loading docks that receive traffic from utility vehicles, forklift trucks, and 18-wheelers.


  • Water-tight design, specifically crafted for spaces where water resistance is critical, providing a dependable barrier against moisture.
  • H20 load rating, designed to withstand heavy loads associated with water pressure, making it ideal for areas prone to flooding.
  • Durable construction, engineered with robust materials for long-lasting performance in challenging conditions.
  • Sealed access panel, that features a tightly sealed access panel to prevent water ingress and ensure the integrity of the space.
  • Versatile applications, suitable for a range of environments, including basements, utility rooms, and areas susceptible to water exposure.

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