Recessed Access Panel with Mud in Flange 

Introducing the BAC-RAD-DF Recessed Access Panel with Mud in Flange, a transformative solution poised to enhance your project on multiple fronts. This access panel is meticulously crafted to uphold the most stringent standards of craftsmanship, with a recessed panel door for acoustic, tile, or ceramic inserts.

Its sleek, flangeless design guarantees a seamless alignment with your surfaces, delivering a discreet, unobtrusive appearance. It integrates effortlessly into the surrounding architectural context, making it an ideal selection for spaces where aesthetics is paramount. 

BAC-RAD-DF is the perfect complement to drywall, whether you're installing it from scratch or working with existing fire-rated drywall structures. It features exposed perforated flanges, allowing you to tape and mud over the exposed joints or drywall, achieving a polished finish.

Get to Know BAC-RAD-DF 

  • Recessed panel door for a highly aesthetic and professional finish  
  • Durable 16-gauge cold rolled steel construction  
  • Rust-proof cold rolled steel finish  
  • Suitable for multiple surface types  
  • Mud-in flanges for added precision

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