Allow access to any wires, pipes, insulations or ducts fixed behind walls or ceilings by installing access panels. For ceiling surfaces made of drywall, consider the gypsum ceiling access panel from Best Access Doors Canada. Our special selection of GFRG access doors includes hinged radius corner, hinged square corner, pop-out radius corner, pop-out round, and pop-out square corner. These attic access panels provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for a more attractive interior.

Best Access Doors Canada’s seamless ™ access panels are manufactured direct from GFRG/GFRC & 70% post-consumer recycled glass, for a unique GREEN design-matrix designed to blend seamlessly into your walls and ceilings. They consist of a surrounding frame and either a drop-in door or a hinged door. Available in sixty standard residential or commercial sizes, these doors are perfect for jobs where access is required at regular intervals. Their smart design helps contractors work smarter, faster and better. It comes with a tapered edge for tape joints and won't shrink, crack or sag.

Our best-selling hinged radius corner - access panel for ceilings can be used where a locked door is needed but style must still be maintained. The hinged panel is great for use in ceiling applications where there is no space to push a door up and in wall applications when access to plumbing and electrical is needed. This door unit has a lead time of only 5 days.

Reduce labor costs with our gypsum attic access door. Make your first purchase with Best Access Doors Canada today! Call at 1-800-483-0823. 

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