Automatic Smoke Vents

Every building needs a safety feature in case of fire. At Best Access Doors Canada, we offer an excellent comprehensive selection of automatic smoke vent products that will aid your building's need for additional safety installation. It will allow heat, smoke, and unburnt gas to escape safely, decreasing risks to the structure and inhabitants.

As the fire burns, its smoke spreads faster, especially in a closed space. The rapid spread of the smoke may trigger the sprinklers that might cause more gas to linger as the water evaporates to become vapor. Not only will this cause the inhabitants exposure to harmful particulates, but it might also cost significant expenses due to water damage.

If you wish to prevent any cost on life or property, the best way is to install automatic smoke vents. Since the movement of heat and smoke is upward, the best outlet for such harmful elements is the top area of the building. An automatic smoke vent provides a way of release to allow personnel to deal with the fire.

The materials used for our products come in two primary compositions, namely Aluminum and Galvanized steel. The smoke vents come in two types; single leaf or double leaf doors, depending on the available space of your building and its needs. They all come with a release mechanism that automatically functions when it melts the fusible link.

Our products are also weather-resistant, ensuring that they can endure all sorts of weather conditions. They come in many sizes, which you can select from, and come with other options depending on what suits your facility requirements. It's an excellent way to comply with the current building regulations that require such installations.

You can browse the products for their specifications and category conveniently by clicking on the shop by category tab at the navigation bar. You can also search through various sizes by clicking on the shop by size. You also can customize and request a quote from our professionals if you need one for an upcoming project.

Protect your property and all lives that inhabit it by purchasing and installing excellent quality automatic smoke vents. If you have more inquiries about offers, options, or other related questions, call us at 1-800-483-0823. Our representatives will help you to the best of their abilities.

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