Removable Diamond Plated Floor Hatch    

BAC-RFD Removable Diamond Plated Floor Hatch by Best Access Doors is a smart choice for maintaining safety and accessibility without any hassle. This floor hatch is optimized by Best Access Doors for both interior and exterior use, offering a versatile solution for various environments. 

BAC-RFD is preferred for its removable cover, providing operators with a broader field of view for thorough inspections. This design ensures that no details go unnoticed, promoting a more efficient and effective work environment.  

Designed to handle the demands of busy work environments, BAC-RFD is a load-bearing model, capable of supporting up to 150 pounds per square foot. Its angled frame simplifies the casting process into concrete, ensuring installations without hassles. Plus, it's designed for minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort. 

However, the safety features don’t stop there. Unlike hinged alternatives, the non-hinged BAC-RFD creates a seamless, flush-to-surface finish, eliminating tripping hazards and snags, while its diamond-treaded plate provides secure footing even in damp or wet conditions, enhancing stability. 

Why Choose BAC-RFD? 

  • Space saving, removable cover is ideal for spaces where hinged alternatives limit space and accessibility  
  • Angled aluminum frame is easily cast into concrete and able to withstand impact stress  
  • Load bearing, diamond threaded cover that maintains foot traffic with assured, secure footing  
  • Wider field of view with removable cover for more efficient and thorough inspections  
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance and durability provided by aluminum cover and frame which minimizes maintenance requirements 

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