The BAC-AL Aluminum Insulated Access Door is a light weight insulated aluminum access door. It is ideal for exterior applications, and also those specific interior applications where corrosion or moisture is a concern.

The aluminum panel is insulated with 1” Silverboard Ridge Foam Insulation. Access to large openings in walls and ceilings is made easy. The non-extruded door frame has the same visual aesthetic design as the UAD door. Weather resistant neoprene gasketing is installed on 4 sides.


  • Finish : Mill finish
  • Hinge : Continuous rod hinge
  • Insulation : 1” AMVIC SilveRboard Ridge Foam Insulation with a R5 Value
  • Lock / Latches : 1 x Flush aluminum steel cam
  • Material : .063 Aluminum
  • Rough Opening Size : 8 ¼" wide x 8 ¼" high

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    [{"id":1958,"sku":"BAC-AL-08-08","name":"8\" x 8\" Aluminum Insulated Access Door","url":"","brand":null,"availability":"Call for pricing","summary":"8\" x 8\" Aluminum Insulated Access Door For access to large openings in walls and ceilings made easy, use our BA-AL Aluminum Insulated Access Door made in Canada. Our BA-AL door is a lightweight insulated aluminum access door that is ideal for exterior...","image":{"data":"{:size}/products/1958/17767/.8-x-8-aluminum-insulated-access-door-best-access-doors-canada__14609.1643173671.jpg?c=2","alt":".8 x 8 Aluminum Insulated Access Door Best Access Doors Canada"},"qty_in_cart":0,"pre_order":false,"has_options":false,"show_cart_action":false,"stock_level":null,"low_stock_level":null,"weight":{"formatted":"3.50 LBS","value":3.5},"demo":false,"date_added":"4th Sep 2020","add_to_wishlist_url":"/wishlist.php?action=add&product_id=1958","custom_fields":[{"id":85699,"name":"Product Spec Sheet","value":""},{"id":85700,"name":"Door Size","value":"8 wide x 8 high"},{"id":85701,"name":"Rough Opening Size","value":"NA"},{"id":85702,"name":"Material","value":"NA"},{"id":85703,"name":"Brand","value":"Williams Brothers Canada"},{"id":85704,"name":"#YoutubeVideo","value":"NA"}],"images":[{"data":"{:size}/products/1958/17767/.8-x-8-aluminum-insulated-access-door-best-access-doors-canada__14609.1643173671.jpg?c=2","alt":".8 x 8 Aluminum Insulated Access Door Best Access Doors Canada"},{"data":"{:size}/products/1958/19988/.8-x-8-aluminum-insulated-access-door-best-access-doors-canada__29594.1611835469.jpg?c=2","alt":".8 x 8 Aluminum Insulated Access Door Best Access Doors Canada"},{"data":"{:size}/products/1958/20562/.8-x-8-aluminum-insulated-access-door-best-access-doors-canada__98616.1611836425.jpg?c=2","alt":".8 x 8 Aluminum Insulated Access Door Best Access Doors Canada"}],"rating":null,"num_reviews":null,"category":["Any Surface","Any Surface/Insulated","Insulated","Any Surface/Insulated/Aluminum Door with Neoprene Gasket","Insulated/Aluminum with Neoprene Gasket","Any Surface/Insulated/Aluminum - Weather Resistant","Model Number/BAC-AL"]}]
  • 8" x 8" Aluminum Insulated Access Door

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