Emergency Egress Floor Door  

Introducing the BAC-EEFD Emergency Egress Floor Door, a crucial safety feature brought to you by Best Access Doors. This heavy-duty access point is designed with your safety in mind. It fits seamlessly into concrete floors in transit systems, so you won't accidentally trip over it. Made from durable aluminum and stainless-steel hardware, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and remains corrosion-free.  

BAC-EEFD easily supports a load of up to 300 pounds per square foot, ensuring it can handle foot traffic and even light vehicles. In case of emergencies, it provides a quick and easy exit with lift assistance from compression springs and secure hold-open arms. This makes it a perfect addition to underground work areas.  

What sets this floor hatch apart is its clever channel frame with drainage coupling, which efficiently redirects water, grime, and dirt away from the underground space. It's sturdy yet lightweight due to its mill-finished aluminum construction, making it easy to handle and install. The diamond-plated cover ensures a firm grip in all conditions.  

Take a Closer Look at BAC-EEFD  

  • Channel frame drainage coupling is provided to whisk away excess water    
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction, capable of supporting a live load of 300 pounds per square foot   
  • Enhanced safety with handrail attached to each cover and lift assistance provided by compression springs and hold-open arms   
  • Anti-corrosive aluminum design for enhanced resistance to wear and tear  
  • Easily cast into concrete with welded anchors    

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