Watertight Floor Door Cast-In 300lb/ sqft  

Elevate the functionality of your building's access points with the BAC-WTFD Watertight Floor Door Cast-In 300lb/sqft from Best Access Doors. This high-quality floor door ensures secure and reliable access to mechanical equipment, electrical systems, crawl spaces, plumbing, HVAC components, and more. Designed with welded anchors around the frame, installation is a breeze as it can be cast within concrete or other surfaces, making it suitable for commercial, residential, and industrial environments. 

Best Access Doors has taken care to create a flush aluminum floor panel that maintains a seamless and unobstructed floor surface, reducing the risk of tripping hazards. The watertight design of this floor door includes a 1-½"" drainage coupling channel, effectively diverting excess water and dirt away from the spaces below ground. 

BAC-WTFD goes the extra mile with angled diamond plating for improved traction, boasting an impressive live load capacity of up to 300 pounds per square foot, making it perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. 

Benefit From Load-Bearing Watertight Access 

  • 1-½"" drainage coupling system attached to frame to minimize water permeation  
  • 90-degree extension provided by steel butt hinges, and hold-open arms   
  • Enhanced workplace safety with a 1-¼"" diamond plated cover; ideal for heavy foot traffic   
  • Integral anchor flanges attached to frame for easy concrete cast installations  
  • Rugged, heavy-duty aluminum and stainless-steel construction for superior corrosion resistance 

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