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Plastic Access Door

If you want to customize the appearance of an access door to match it with the wall or ceiling surface, paintable plastic material is ideal. It is commonly used to access as well as conceal wifi, phone, plumbing, and electrical applications in indoor spaces. Best Access Doors Canada is now offering these plastic access panels for any surface in either flush or removable. Our panels are very easy to install and operate.

Our flush non-rated plastic access door comes in 9 different standard sizes. This door is designed to provide easy access to walls and ceilings. The high impact styrene plastic with U.V. stabilizers will not fade or corrode. It is completely removable from the frame and fits tightly with snap latches. The white finish, with textured exposed surfaces, can be left as is or painted to match the surrounding areas. This door is easy to install by applying caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and pressing into place.

Meanwhile, the RPL is a removable high impact ABS plastic access panel with UV stabilizers. This door can be used for access to plumbing, electrical components, computer cables, and sprinkler systems. Its reversible frame allows for flush or surface mounting. Adhesive caulking is recommended when installing this door. It is ready to ship in 3-5 days. 

Take advantage of our sturdy yet affordable plastic access panels for any surface. Buy now at an affordable price!

  • 24" x 24" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $106.40 $76.00

  • 8" x 8" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $36.33 $25.95

  • 6" x 9" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $36.33 $25.95

  • 4" x 6" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $22.92 $16.37

  • 22" x 22" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $173.89 $124.21

  • 18" x 18" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $80.66 $57.61

  • 14" x 29" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $123.97 $88.55

  • 14" x 14" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $43.48 $31.06

  • 12" x 12" Flush Plastic Access Door

    $66.38 $47.41

  • 14" x 29" Removable Plastic Access Door

    $160.92 $151.12

  • 14" x 14" Removable Plastic Access Door

    $73.96 $69.45

  • 8" x 8" Removable Plastic Access Door

    $55.03 $51.68

  • 6" x 9" Removable Plastic Access Door

    $55.55 $55.43

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