Large Opening Double Leaf Access Panel

When it comes to access doors, Best Access Doors don't just meet the standard; they exceed it. Access Doors and Panels proudly stocks BAC-LO2D Large Opening Double Leaf Access Panel, a powerhouse of an access panel designed for more comfortable passage or inspections. If you're seeking an expansive solution for walls or ceilings, your search ends here. 

With a standard size of 48" x 48", BAC-LO2D is built for maximum mileage with a robust cold-rolled steel construction. With large, expansive double leaf doors, BAC-LO2D is your gateway to reliability and convenience, making it the preferred choice for masonry or drywall surfaces. 

Take a Closer Look 

  • Ideally suited for non-rated walls and ceilings 
  • Easy access with screwdriver cam latch
  • Durable continuous piano hinge
  • Large double leaf design for expanded clearance and comfortable access
  • Exposed flanges for easy, hassle-free installations  
  • Anti-corrosive cold rolled steel construction  

Best Access Doors is your one-stop shop for the highest-quality access products. Streamline your process and save time with our highly efficient Request a Quote tool for the most suitable product for your next job.  

Connect with our world-class product experts at 1-800-483-0823 for product enquiries, custom requests, and general product information or to learn more about us.


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