Safety Ladder Extension    

Elevate workplace safety to new heights with the BAC-LERH Safety Ladder Extension from Best Access Doors. BAC-LERH's design minimizes workplace incidents, providing operators with a secure, ergonomic grip. It effortlessly locks onto Best Access Door Roof Hatches, securing onto the cap flashing, transforming your rooftop into a safer workspace in mere minutes.  

BAC-LERH extension comprises a durable alloy that resists corrosion when exposed to the elements. Its yellow powder coating ensures high visibility, even in low light or adverse weather conditions; it's the perfect solution for outdoor use, offering both safety and durability without the need for extensive maintenance. Installing it is straightforward, requiring only basic tools, making it the ideal addition for rooftop access.     

Take a Closer Look at BAC-LERH   

  • Hassle-free installations with four hex head bolts and basic tools  
  • Anti-corrosive metal alloy construction for maximum durability   
  • Secure, ergonomic, and user-friendly design   
  • High-visibility yellow powder coat for easy identification in all conditions  

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