Flush Universal Access Door with Magnetic Closing

BAC-CTR-MAG Flush Universal Access Door with Magnetic Closing by Best Access Doors is a versatile solution designed to bring numerous benefits to construction professionals. This universal access panel is perfect for a wide range of non-rated applications in drywall and masonry structures.

Whether you're a plumbing expert, seasoned contractor, HVAC specialist, or master electrician, the BAC-CTR-MAG access panel caters to your needs with its convenience and suitability for various projects in style. With an automatic, magnetic latching mechanism, BAC-CTR-MAG provides ultimate reliability and hassle-free access.

This access panel seamlessly embeds into walls or ceilings without requiring messy mud or plaster, thanks to its hidden flange. BAC-CTR-MAG is the ultimate solution for an architecturally pleasing finish with minimal tools and effort.

Take a Closer Look at BAC-CTR-MAG

  • Labor-saving installations with 7/8 depth concealed flange
  • Highly durable and robust cold-rolled steel construction
  • Moisture and corrosion-resistant
  • Tool and latch-free access with magnetic closing panel door
  • Architecturally pleasing, aesthetic flush-to-frame design with concealed hardware
  • Pantograph hinge for adjustable angled, controlled opens and closes

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