Plaster Wall Access Door

BAC-PW Plaster Wall Access Door by Best Access Doors is your go-to solution for non-rated walls, meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of any jobsite. Designed with a perfect fusion of form and function, this access door offers unparalleled access efficiency while seamlessly integrating into your architectural vision.

Built with unwavering precision, the BAC-PW boasts a robust construction of galvannealed steel, providing exceptional resistance against corrosion and enduring wear and tear. Accessing concealed spaces is effortless, requiring only basic tools. For those who prioritize security, we take pride in offering a range of lock and latch options meticulously tailored to your precise requirements.

Experience Precision Installations with BAC-PW

  • Flanges extruded to ¾" for more controlled installations in plaster walls 
  • Durable build with anti-corrosive galvanneal steel construction 
  • Concealed hinge is out of reach of potential vandals and prying eyes 
  • Effortless access granted by basic tools, with alternate lock or latch options

At Best Access Doors, our world-class sales staff provides a 5-star level of service. We are committed to going the extra mile for your custom requests, large orders, or general inquiries. If you have any questions, connect with us or reach out directly at 1-800-483-0823.


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