Safety Telescopic Post  

Elevate your rooftop access experience with BAC-TRPH Safety Telescopic Post by Best Access Doors. BAC-TRPH integrates easily with Best Access Door roof hatches, providing vertical support with an ergonomic, user-friendly, and assured grip.    

Enjoy maximum versatility with flexible access control with BAC-TRPH's easily adjustable, telescoping design for precision placement. With its metal alloy composition, this low-maintenance safety post is the ideal complement to your rooftop safety protocols.     

Why Choose BAC-TRPH?   

  • Simple, easy integrations with Best Access Door roof hatches    
  • Anti-corrosive, alloy construction for exceptional resistance to the elements and wear and tear    
  • User-friendly, ergonomic design makes it easy to maintain a secure grip   
  • Adjustable telescoping design for precision placement within roof hatches    

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