Nonremovable Drywall Panel

Elevate your construction projects with the BAC-MWS Nonremovable Drywall Panel, tailor-made for masonry applications. This robust aluminum access door is engineered to meet the demands of the construction industry, offering durability and convenience.

Crafted with precision, the BAC-MWS seamlessly accepts ½" and 5/8" drywall inserts, simplifying integration into your masonry wall systems, from crawl spaces to utility rooms and beyond. Our low-profile design ensures discreet installation, with a mere 1/16" exposed on all sides, blending effortlessly with your project's aesthetics.

BAC-MWS simplifies the installation process thanks to pre-drilled holes designed for a flush finish in concrete walls. With its fixed, nonremovable hinge, BAC-MWS guarantees stability, with concealed spring-loaded snap locks providing optimal security.

Get to Know BAC-MWS

  • Lightweight, durable, high-grade aluminum construction
  • Pre-drilled holes for effortless installations
  • Durable fixed-hinged design and welded frame
  • Options for ½" and 5/8” gypsum drywall inlay panels
  • Paintable drywall inlay for concealed finish
  • Easily detachable and replaceable panel doors
  • Hidden hinge, latch-free design for a flush finish
  • Easy access provided by concealed spring-loaded latch mechanism

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