For areas that are constantly exposed to heat such as exhaust systems in commercial kitchens, fire rated access doors should be used. These doors assist with fire safety in buildings by preventing the passage of heat from space to another. To make sure that you are buying the right fire rated access panel, get them from Best Access Doors - Canada.

Our wide range of product selection includes fire rated access doors for installation in all surfaces, walls, ceilings, drywall, recessed wall, floor, plaster, grease duct, and areas where security is a factor. All products apply to a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

At Best Access Doors - Canada, we offer fire rated insulated access doors with flange - stainless steel which can be used on fire rated walls and ceilings. BA-PFI-SS model is insulated with 2” thick mineral wool and comes with a 1” flange for an easy flush installation on any type of surface. Optional features such as ring/tool key operated slam latch, key operated cylinder cam latch and mortise deadbolt with and without cylinder come with this door product. This stainless steel fire rated door is ready to ship in just 7-10 days.

Additionally, we also have fire rated uninsulated doors with flange, drywall flange, recessed for drywall and recessed for tile wall. These panels are very affordable and come in different sizes.

Waste no time and make sure to add fire rated access doors to your cart today. Call 1-800-483-0823 today to order! We are looking forward to serving you.

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