12" x 12" - Invisagrille Flush Removable Access Panel Cover  

BAC-IG12 Invisagrille Flush Removable Access Panel Cover provides simple and convenient access to utilities and controls that are hard to reach. With a magnetic removable panel cover, you can inspect and adjust controls and valves, and we have built BAC-IG12 for maximum convenience with beaded flanges to ensure precise and efficient installations. BAC-IG12 is suitable for multiple applications in gypsum ceilings and walls of ½" and 5/8" thick.

Enjoy Strain free Access with BAC-IG12  

  • Non-flammable for fire-rated access
  • Variable applications for maximum convenience and utility
  • Maximum concealment with beaded flanges and a paint-ready leaf door
  • Lightweight construction for easy and hassle-free installations

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