Fire-Rated Architectural 1/8” Pan Floor Door Bolt In

Strengthen your business, factories, hotels, and medical buildings using the BAC-BFDF-T1-BI Fire-Rated Architectural 1/8” Pan Floor Door Bolt In. Optimized by Best Access Doors, BAC-BFDF-T1-BI gives you easy access to spaces below the floor while adding extra safety. It can withstand fire for 2 hours, keeping occupants secure as per NFPA 288 standards.

Imagine elegance and safety combined – this fancy door fits right in, almost like it's not even there, as you can cast it into wood or concrete. Plus, it's versatile! Perfect for wood or concrete floors, and you can choose various flooring options with the inclusion of a 1/8” pan, for vinyl, wood, concrete, or carpet tiles. Maintain the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with BAC-BFDF-T1-BI today!

Why Choose BAC-BFDF-T1-BI?

  • 2-hour fire-rating standard on all models, with 3-hour rated alternative
  • Barely-there installation with 1/8” recessed, insert-ready pan
  • Suitable for wood or concrete
  • Streamlined, bolt in installation
  • Secure latch with standard slam latch and alternative out fittings
  • Highly durable aluminum construction for minimal upkeep
  • Load bearing cover of up to 250psf

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