Electronic Actuation Roof Hatch – Aluminum  

In the fast-paced world of construction and maintenance, efficiency and safety are paramount. BAC-EA-ARH Roof Hatch is your key to effortless rooftop access, providing a seamless experience that redefines convenience on the job site.   

BAC-EA-ARH offers remote-controlled access with the push of a button, guaranteeing hands-free operation so operators can maintain a grip on tools or guard rails. Once open, BAC-EA-ARH's cover remains securely in place with hold-open arms. This feature enables continuous access or effortless ventilation when needed for added flexibility and efficiency to your workflow.   

Built with a robust aluminum structure, the BAC-EA-ARH is engineered to thrive in diverse weather conditions, making it the ultimate choice for demanding job sites.  

Enjoy Access Without Hassles with BAC-EA-ARH   

  • Weathertight assurance with secure EPDM sealing    
  • Corrosion-resistant build, crafted of robust aluminum    
  • Electronically assisted openings for greater job site efficiency   
  • Hands-free operation and ventilation with hold-open arms to lock the cover in place

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