Top Security Access Door

When it comes to strengthening your security measures, the BAC-BTS Top Security Access Door with an Exposed Flange from Best Access Doors is your reliable solution. BAC-BTS is constructed from heavy-duty detention-grade steel, ensuring exceptional impact and tamper resistance, making it an excellent choice for highly secure facilities. 

With welded heavy-duty butt hinge on its surface, this hinge presents a formidable challenge to potential intruders, vandals, or anyone with malicious intent, enhancing the door's overall security. We offer a range of detention lock options to further customize the level of resistance to unauthorized access. 

Upgrade Your Security Measures with BAC-BTS

  • High-level security provided by heavy-gauge steel with mortise or detention lock preparation  
  • Reinforced welded butt hinges for exceptional tamper resistance and smooth operation  
  • Hassle-free installations with pre-drilled holes and exposed flange  
  • Aesthetic design that is built to blend in with its surroundings

At Best Access Doors, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Simply choose the size that suits your needs!

If you have a custom request or any questions, you can reach us at (800)-483-0823 to connect with our world-class sales staff! 


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