Fire rated access doors are installed to provide the fire protection that buildings need. These fire doors help building projects meet relevant local building codes. For different fire rated locations, Best Access Doors Canada has the quality access panel you are looking for. Our fire rated access panels for drywall has become easily popular among builders and contractors. We carry the fire rated drywall installation exposed solid 1” flange and mud in - drywall bead flange.

Among our current featured items is the fire rated uninsulated access door with drywall flange. Since it is not insulated, BA-PFN-GYP can only be used on fire rated walls, specifically those made of drywall. Once a sufficient layer of drywall compound is applied to its corner bead flange it will leave only the door panel visible for a much better finished look. As per UL standards, once the installation is complete and the provided springs installed, this access door will be self closing and self locking. The largest fire rated PFN-GYP door available is: (36’’ x 36’’).

Leaving a visually pleasing appearance in walls and ceilings, our fire rated insulated access door with flange - stainless steel is insulated with 2” thick mineral wool and can be used on fire rated walls and ceilings. It comes with a 1” flange for an easy flush installation on any type of surface. For installation in vertical wall assemblies, it has a fire rating that reaches up to 3 hours; whereas, for horizontal ceiling assemblies, it has a 3 hours rating for non-combustible assembly and 1-hour rating for combustible assembly.

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