Domed Roof Hatch – Galvanized Steel    

Step onto rooftops with ease and peace of mind with BAC-RHGDD Domed Roof Hatch – Galvanized Steel by Best Access Doors. BAC-RHGDD provides a reliable and convenient access point for maintenance, repairs, and rooftop inspections, integrated for ladder access, with a domed cover for enhanced natural lighting.    

With its sturdy construction and airtight seal, this roof hatch ensures durability, weather resistance, and safe access even in extreme weather conditions.   

The lightweight yet robust Galvanized Steel curb and hinge are reinforced with stainless-steel hardware, guaranteeing resistance to corrosion and a long-lasting structure. 

Get to Know BAC-RHGDD    

  • EPDM gaskets for an airtight and weathertight composition   
  • Ideal for integrations for ladder access  
  • Rust-proof galvanized and stainless-steel construction; ideal for frequent use with minimal maintenance 
  • Domed cover for natural lighting   
  • Powerful gas spring-powered doors to withstand a live load of as much as 40 lbs./sq. Ft, ensuring easier opening and closes 
  • Improves building efficiency with 1" thick insulation and an R-value of 6    
  • Locking aluminum pintle hinges allow an opening radius of 78 degrees and one-handed operation     

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