Roof Hatch for Security 

Ensure protection for your buildings with the BAC-SRH Roof Hatch for Security by Best Access Doors. This roof hatch offers a cost-effective yet highly reliable solution for safe rooftop access. Crafted from heavy-duty 10-gauge galvanized steel, it comes with a 12"" high curb to deter unauthorized intruders. 

The BAC-SRH enhances security provisions with a self-latching outside T handle, reinforced by a stainless steel inside lock and lever assembly. For added protection, it features a heavy-duty detention lock, further enhancing security measures. But security isn't the only advantage – this model also boosts energy efficiency with 1"" PIR insulation. Best Access Doors has gone the extra mile by weatherproofing the unit with EPDM draft sealing attached to its cover, ensuring an airtight and impermeable seal that keeps the elements at bay. 

Perfectly suited for secure facilities like pharmaceutical plants, correctional facilities, and food processing plants, the BAC-SRH stands out as a trustworthy choice for safeguarding your rooftop access points. 

Get to Know BAC-SRH 

  • 12” high, heavy-duty steel curb and cover provide exceptional resistance against unwanted access  
  • Load bearing cover rated to support a live load of up to 40 pounds per square foot   
  • Lift assistance provided by gas spring powered operators for easy one-handed operation  
  • Self-latching cover for complete peace of mind   
  • Weatherproofed construction with EPDM gaskets adhered to inside cover  

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