Hinged Floor Hatch 1"" Recess for Ceramic Tile 

Looking for a convenient and stylish solution for access to electrical and conduits, plumbing and HVAC systems, or telecommunications infrastructure? Introducing BAC-HFRT-1 Hinged Floor Hatch 1"" Recess for Ceramic Tile by Best Access Doors. This durable and secure access door by Best Access Doors is designed to provide discreet access to utilities beneath various floor surfaces. 

BAC-HFRT-1 features a solid aluminum plate reinforced to support a live load of up to 300 pounds per square foot, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. The door has a flush finish, an easy 90-degree opening with lift assistance, and can be locked in place. It is perfect for interior and exterior applications and offers enhanced safety features!  

Take a Closer Look at BAC-HFRT-1 

  • Enhanced safety features such as a securely welded frame and anchor straps for load management   
  • Live load support of up to 300 pounds per square foot   
  • Double-leaf design for more room to work, transport material, or inspect utilities   
  • Recessed cover door to a depth of 1"" for ceramic tile inserts for stealthy concealment   
  • Easy, 90-degree opens with extruded pivoting hinges    
  • Removable latch handle for a smooth, flush finish on your surfaces    

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